Forum Thread: NEED HELP! Got Mugged at Gunpoint by Former "Friend." Help Finding His Location?

Okay, so about a week ago i was driving my little sister home when i saw an old friend from back in high school. We started catching up, nothing suspicious came up at the time. It's about 30 degrees here so he asked for a ride Me being the good guy i am, i drove him down a few streets.

To my surprise, he jams a gun to my right temple...
Took all my money, some beats headphones, and my fucking nice ass sweater.

Point is, i have his phone number, i also found him on snapchat and on facebook.

I'm a super huge newbie to the hacking world and am barely learning my terminology.

My question is would there be any way of hacking, pinging, locating him with just the info i have acquired?
I've also filed a police report but in my neighborhood, it's nothing the cops take serious.

So i'm taking this into my own hands, nothing dangerous of course. i will simply locate him and let the authorities do the rest.

If you guys could be of any help, very much appreciated!

-Mando Foreal

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If you'd have some more details about his phone, then I think you could do it.

-The Joker

What about his facebook? I've been looking up how to crack into profiles and such.. any other suggestions?

You can do it with a search warrant.
But what would you have the authorities do, if they don't take you seriously?
Something's wrong here.
But still, I'd suggest you send him something malicious.
If you'd even have a bleak idea about what he's using. He might as well use a dongle.
So, all chance you have is using the law. They're the powerful guys who can locate him easily.
Else, hire a black hat or gray hat to do it for you.

-The Joker

Nice story...

ain't a made up story man, don't take it lightly.

You come up with the most ridiculous story I've heard in the past few months, and you expect us to take it seriously?

Image via

I mean, seriously, what were you expecting?


Get's mugged, first thing he does is ask for help on an online forum instead of contacting law enforcement, who clearly can do A MUCH BETTER job than the entire Null-Byte community combined...

Seems legit.

Oh, and a robery WITH A FIREARM is something serious to ANY kind of law enforcement, doesn't matter where you live. According to your profile, you live in the US. I'm pretty sure US law enforcement takes things like this pretty seriously.


Despite the rudeness of the community, I say we're no big on crime busting but just a bunch of nerds with a knack for computers.

But despite your story, I'm taking pity. All I can suggest is this, find his weakness and exploit it. Hacking is not all about breaking systems, but social engineering. Manipulate him and trick him into clicking a link with a keylogger or backdoor built into the link. If he mugged you (if the story is true) then he's clearly a idiot. Use his weaknesses against him.

Hope that helps.


It's not really the community that is rude. I rather think it's the fact we don't really like bullshit on here (or "obvious bullshit", for that matter). But yeah, when we are annoyed, we often tend to retaliate, and sometimes that comes with a bit of rudeness. But it is usually forgotten completely after the topic has dissapeared from the home page, and everyone forgives and forgets anything that happened. I guess that's the way Null-Byte works.

Wether this "constructive criticism", as I like to call it, is justified, is up to you to choose.


Guys its really a very serious matter ,his friend stolen his sweater ,which he taken it from my house.

I think we got the message over by now. No need to humilate him more than we should.


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