Forum Thread: I Need Help on Hacking Android Phone

The fact is when i set "expoilt" it will create a session but when i connect it will end but most time it will work but the webcam-stream and webcam-list don't work but we must be on the same network connection.

But can't i hack someone else on a different network connection?

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u have to install no-ip to kali to make a host with that u will reach any targeted android :)

Really? How does that work

You can use Noip, but it's easier to just forward a port, as long as you're doing something legal. If it's illegal, I'd go with Noip, but I don't think it would make a difference most of the time.

Edit: If you have a dynamic public IP, Noip should work better.

I have created a hostname and it gave me a IP address but they didn't put the port there though, so what's next.. I'm new to this?

You have to manually open the port from your router settings which is called port forwarding. Simply go to you router control panel and then under virtual networks or NAT add your kali's local ip with any port of your choice and add the network to the interface.

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