Forum Thread: NEED HELP:I Had Cracked Wifi Psk wpa2 Using Pin My Own Wifi to Test Through Reaver ,Bully by Giving It Correct Wps Pin t

please Help cracked key is in hexadecimal

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You don't need to translate the hex . Simply enter the hex password. You system will accept hex encoded pins.



  • Switching mon0 to channel 6
  • Waiting for beacon from A0:F3:C1:AD:CC:66
  • Associated with A0:F3:C1:AD:CC:66 (ESSID: TP-LINKADCC66)
  • Trying pin 69459320
  • Sending EAPOL START request
  • Received identity request
  • Sending identity response
  • Received M1 message
  • Sending M2 message
  • Received M3 message
  • Sending M4 message
  • Received M5 message
  • Sending M6 message
  • Received M7 message
  • Sending WSC NACK
  • Sending WSC NACK
  • Pin cracked in 7 seconds
  • WPS PIN: '69459320'
  • WPA PSK: '78680D6DBC42EE352958BBC00778A60D21C081255D538296EBE646270DB46830'
  • AP SSID: 'Network-a0f3c1adcc66'
  • Nothing done, nothing to save.

my system is not accepting encrypted psk IS there any way to decrypt the psk key

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