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*Im trying to install kali from a booted usb,but Im dealing with some errors.First the network configuration.The network mirror shows error that prevents me from the next step.I tried to skip it by just choosing not to use any network mirror,but then at the last step of installation the error consisted on not installing the grub boot loader and that prevents the linux from booting even why the step of installing the system was succesfully finished some steps before.Actually my pc do not recognize it and I cant use it at all,it says to install any OS.My pc is connected to the internet too,wired.I have followed many tutorials many articles on doing this and I cant do it yet.I have installed it succesfully on Vmware before but now I need it on my pc.I cant handle it anymore.Dont know what seems to be the problem.No matter the tutorial or the article Im following there will be always any error that prevents me to fully install it.This is pretty frustrating for me.PLZ HELP!


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Not 100% sure but it might be the same error I had. I fixed it by unplugging the USB drive during installation and then replug it back in. Try that when it has the network mirror error.

Finally fixed it.I just formatted the usb and booted it again,the network mirror error didnt show again and about the GRUB error just selected another option and it was ok;but anyway Thank YOU for your reply!

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