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Hello my dear friends, usually i come here as teacher but today i come as student bcoz we are here to teach and learn.

I guess that as hackers we just dont care too much about GUI programming, due to factors that we all know.

What Happened?

Today finally i turned one of the goals I had set, mastering my knowledge in C ++ and python, I can say that now I understand from pointers to networking programming in both languages, for python as it being scripting language i do not feel like moving to GUI (at least now), but C ++ for being one programming language, I feel the obligation to learn the GUI. To mention that I have experience in GUI with Java, VB and C #, but since i became an hacker i dont use them unless its a school project.

Here comes the problem

What Are the Best C ++ "GUI API ?

I google it but only found contradictions and nothing clarified my doubts, then I remembered that i have you guys here, so i need someone experienced with c++ gui to give me some advice about the API,, advantages, disadvantages, where to start, any good link will be useful too.

To mention that I will be using visual studio 2013, I can upgrade to last if someone recommends me. I wanna make programs for mac and windows.

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Trust me, you don't want that, using plain C++ to make GUI is a pain, a living nightmare, here is an example i made a long time ago.

Instead, i suggest you to use Qt, i like to call it C++ on steroids, i had some fun playing with it.

thanks for the reply bro, im really stuck, when i was googling i heard a lot of Qt,CLI and some other API, but they could not clarify them, anyway i will have a look on that Qt and if i find any difficulties i will pm you, but i want something modern, cross-platform and easy.

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That's what Qt is, you literally just said its definition, the easy part may be a bit hard at the beginning..

I don't really have experience with the gui side of c++, but, from what little stuff I've seen, Qt is a good start. It doesn't seem too hard to learn the mindset with tutorials and the IDE seems as clean as visual studio or xcode.

REMEMBER that when you learn something like this, though, it isn't c++ that your learning, you're exploring an extension of the language, more like Qt or whichever one you choose to continue with.

really useful answer bro, i will definitely try Qt..

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It all depends on what do you want to do with your GUI. Qt is probably the best option, and it is also multi-platform. Other options can be wxWidgets or FOXToolkit. ... I would say these ones are lighter and simpler... but that may be arguable.

If you just want to add a GUI to a script... then go for TCL/TK. This is a full language with its own Toolkit (that's the tk in the name). It is also very easy to embed in your own code., Otherwise use the WebView Widget provided by your preferred toolkit (that can even be Qt) and build your GUI as a WebApplication. This has many advantages. For instance you can made quite some changes to the GUI without recompiling.

But if you are in a learning process, it really worths to take a look to the low-level interfaces. The stuff sent by NotAverageJoe in a reply above. For windows, learn about the GDI and dive in the Win32 API and for UNIX play with X-Windows.

This is a quite different world. Basically you can only draw lines, text and pixmaps... On the other side, you application is quite small and you do not have dependencies on any Toolkit. And, there are some things that you can only do going that deep.

Good Luck

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