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Hey guys,

I recently installed python on my Windows 7 Os with help of this tutorial () And copied from pastebin. Now I entered details of the victim, slected my passwrd list but when i run the program instead of searching for password it shows...

'Python 2.7.10 (default, May 23 2015, 09:40:32) MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel) on win32
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license()" for more information.
>>> ================================ RESTART ================================

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\dell\Downloads\", line 11, in <module>
import mechanize
ImportError: No module named mechanize

Help me understand what the problem is, so i can run the program.
Thanks in advance.
Providing shot in advance

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You do not have the mechanize module installed. Install it first.

First install pip. (Google search)
Add it to PATH
In command prompt, type pip install mechanize (Add sudo if necessary)

hey thanx for help but,

pip install mechanize is not working it says not a valid command thanks.
P.S.- i pip to path

You didn't install pip correctly, do google search till it works.

i installed pip correctly.
And for new versions (< =2.9.7) pip's already installed.

I'm afraid you are spending a lot of time and energy on an application that ultimately will not do what you want it to do.

occupytheweb i know it does ot work now but it can, i am working on this script and i will mke the script available on the forum as soon as it is completed

Where did u even find the python script in the beginning.
The person/place u got it from, proberly still contains the mechanize file too.

I can check it if u provides me with the link to the place where u downloaded/copied the script from :)

By the way, what is your script suppossed to do? I can imagine its something about facebook.

hey thanks, i got my file from one of the questioneer .
The link is

Yeah you are right this script hacks the password for a facebook acoount out of the worlist we provide it with.

i dn't think it works for real

It works but needs some changes cause its outdated

Here is a video which explains the error you are gettiing, u need the other file to run the script

Go to 11:30

Ohk thanx but where do i get it( file)
P.S whats 11 :30 as you can see i am new to this forum have been reading on it for 2-3 months

Before you can get a script up and running, you must first learn a few things about python and the way it works.

To briefly answer your issue, as some have stated above, the "Mechanize" module is not installed. Modules are libraries of scripts that can be called in any script and adopt certain features. Mechanize is just one of many.

Here is a link to a forum in which another user has asked how to install modules for python on Windows 7. The accepted answer is out of date, and is correctly answered two answers below it with about 101 positive ratings.

Hope this helps!
-Cameron Glass

Thank you guys for your help, but my problem is now figured out.
Alpha Cat your tutorial was good.
Sachin Kelkar your answer is to be changed a little.
After installing pip, ADD Mechanize folder in path and then write pip install mechanize. now that will work.

Cameron Glass thanks for the link havent seen it yet cause the problem is solved now.

Does the script "" work as intended?
I mean does it bruteforce facebook, no bans from facebook or anything?

It runs smoothly?

Yeah is a bruteforcer. worked smoothly till may 2014(until facebook asked hackers worldwide about ways to crack facebook password nd all)

now when you run this script it will give you the first word in your wordlist as password because of the change in the link of login attempt.

So I am focusing on revivng the script by changing links and adding a vpn or adding it tor addon. my aim is that this script change itsa ip every 15 to 20 seconds. So the link doesnot changes and we can get unlimited login attempts as it is 50 per day now.

It likely will not work and get you banned from Facebook.

Way too much energy is being wasted on this script that won't likely help you and more likely hurt you.

ahh, I see that was what i expected.

hi bro i need help
i want script
i tray some script but that it not work some error is coming

tell me what problem is coming, i will help you with my best capability.

im using kali linux on wmware

you can tak the script from one of the comments above.
ANd tell me exactly what problem is coming

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