Forum Thread: Need Help with a Prank

So I'm going to be out in the middle of nowhere with a big group of people. There isn't even cell phone service out there. I want to set up a sign saying free wifi and a router that offers wifi but no Internet. I'd like to redirect everyone trying to surf the web to a cat video. I have a router and computer and i can install Kali or windows. I tried making an html and use apache that would play the video but it doesn't seem to want to play in Iceweasel when I test it. I saved the video in where the html txt is. Plus I'm really new to linux so I don't even know how to install another web browser to test. Worst case scenario is i can set up the router just with no Internet.

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wouldn't I need to add every DNS to my hosts file? Should there be a TAB in between all the DNS's?

Video was being a butt so i switched to gif and audio probably for the better. Well when you put it like that it sounds like common sense. Thanks for the help!

I figured someone would have wanted redirect all web traffic besides just me. Thanks for the additional info FRANCES.

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