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So I'm going to be out in the middle of nowhere with a big group of people. There isn't even cell phone service out there. I want to set up a sign saying free wifi and a router that offers wifi but no Internet. I'd like to redirect everyone trying to surf the web to a cat video. I have a router and computer and i can install Kali or windows. I tried making an html and use apache that would play the video but it doesn't seem to want to play in Iceweasel when I test it. I saved the video in where the html txt is. Plus I'm really new to linux so I don't even know how to install another web browser to test. Worst case scenario is i can set up the router just with no Internet.

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i think Apache needs an index.html file. i'm not sure though.

redirecting people to your website can be easily done using DNS spoofing.


wouldn't I need to add every DNS to my hosts file? Should there be a TAB in between all the DNS's?

no, you just need a space between the domain name and the IP. the next DNS you just put on a new line

and technically, you need to put every domain in that hosts file, but most people have google or yahoo as their starting page. so if you just use and, you will already prank a very large part of said group.

to learn the syntax of a host file, have a look here.


Video was being a butt so i switched to gif and audio probably for the better. Well when you put it like that it sounds like common sense. Thanks for the help!

didn't even know of this. nice.


I figured someone would have wanted redirect all web traffic besides just me. Thanks for the additional info FRANCES.

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