Forum Thread: Need a Keylogger or a Spammer

If anybody here is a good key logger thats know how to get to other computer or other database a good hacker let me knoe asap

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Depending on what type of keyloggers that you ask for:

Most .NET based keyloggers doesn't work as they have already been flagged by sites like virustotal or most Antivirus softwares. The only option is using paid keyloggers, which can be found using some google searches. The other option is going for Python keyloggers, but those are very "bulky" (large folder full off files) and is quite suspicious. However, with the right social engineering skills, you can still pull it off.

If you are talking about web-browser keyloggers, then there are a variety of them. I would recommend JavaScript keylogger built in in the Mitmf framework. You can simply inject this keylogger into a computer using its IP address, or inject every computer that is on the network. (You will have to be connected to the same network as your victim). There are also plenty of Chrome extensions that logs keys.

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