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Ok my first post in nullbyte and i am already asking for help....I need someone to point out specific books or material that i can study to become the best hacker... i have tha ability to learn really fast so i need directions because hacking is a very broad science i read the previous articles from otw didnt find them that hellpfull. My curent knowledge is limited to basic c knowledge so a total noob .

so any suggestions about books that i can read any suugestions willbe helpful

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Practice stuff around this site. Learn a scripting language like python and read all the black hat books, it gives you a lot of hacking based scripting information. There isn't really a one stop shop, there is plenty of information pertaining to thousands of techniques, but coding is really the basis of everything you do. It even helps to understand the tools you are using.

Couldn't have said it better!


Check out my post " How to Use Null Byte to Become a Professional Hacker". It will guide your through everything you need to know.

I think it's better that you choose your own direction.

just one question i read tha kali linux's new version wanst thhat good should i use it ? or maybe another distro?

From all I read, not by experience, Kali 1.1.0 is better than 2. I'm currently on 1.1.0 and works just perfect for what I need, so I don't feel like upgrading. Here you can get that version.

I have Kali v1.1.0 on one USB, and am in the process of creating one for Kali v2.
I plan on having both so that if Kali2 has a bug in something, I boot Kali 1, and continue.

Also, CyborgHawk has more tools than Kali, but is a bit slower.
There's a lot of security distros, but most of us on this forum use Kali.

and OTW teaches using Kali, so in my opinion, if the teacher uses Kali, the student should too, else we may get errors and not be able to fix them. :/

Look, the only advice i can give you is you can't become an expert of something if you don't love it enough. This means you can either start with all the boring theory going from page 1 to 100 or you can do it the way kids would do it: This means having FUN while learning. This has been my approach so far, and i have loved it, and i still do.

How to? Just surf the great tutorials of OTW, and try to find something cool to do to one of your friends just for the laughs. Or to your father. Think of it like a magic trick. Master that. There will be stuff you don't understand. Look for it on the internet and then more questions will arise. Maybe new ideas: could i do this other thing instead? Look for it, try it, learn new stuff, and so on.

It has to be FUN, and not like going to boring math class at school. Enjoy!!

This is spot on, not only is it boring but it's inefficient! I'm a firm believer in enjoying learning because the retention is so much higher. Every time I forced myself to finish a book, I forget it and find way around it anyway.

True, for many things in life:
If you're not having fun while doing it, you're doing it wrong

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