Forum Thread: Need Some Help Over Wifi..

I currently know the password of my neighbor but he got know about it today, he would be changing the password anytime. I currently have access the network .

Is it possible to connect to the network even after he changes the password ? without all that process that I went through in first time.

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If you didn't like the process that you went through the first time than I am assuming that you are using aircrack.

Try using Fern WiFi cracker or look around null byte, there are hundreds (exaggeration) of guides on this.

If you can get a rat on his pc...and then create an evil twin so when he connects you can just use the command line to check again from his pc

Thank You.

Guys, I thought about putting a keylogger in his system.
How can I do so? How can I transfer a file to his system run it and make it run after the boot .

Then you will have to hack his system, that's if he won't let you just stick a thumb drive in you can read a lot of tutorials on hacking a computer here...but the main points are: you gonna have to scan his system for vulnerabilities or something and then you can use metasploit to hack him....when you can pretty much do anything, install a keylogger, download files, anything you you have to add persistense to it as well...

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