Forum Thread: I Need Someone to Hack a Twitter Account for Me

There's this @ i really want and I'm willing to pay someone to get to for me after trying myself and failing. It's been inactive since 07 and seems like the person was from China/spoke Chinese. Uh.. I know the email associated with the account too if that helps, send me a message if you can help.

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2 Responses

Generate a wordlist using crunch.
Hydra twitter.

Easiest but stupidest solution:
It will take AGES for the wordlist to generate
Tor (for anonymity) wont work Twitter will block your tor ips.

Twitter would also block your IP after a few brute forcing tries and maybe report it to your ISP or something like that. That would hurt i think...

Just kidding.

Just use a social engineering/phishing attack.
Its easy. All what you have to know is right here in the Null Byte forum.

Twitter is no longer the same. Twitter is becoming more active now. If you do any such activity that Twitter feels that it is not right, then Twitter does not delay in immediately blocking your account.

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