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Hey Guys

Need Something Trusted and Secure. Need to Make "Onion Layers Security" with the Most Secure and Harder to Hack/Crack Software. How to Protect Yourself from Government in the Internet, I'm from Russia, Need to Post Few Docs and Article on the Internet but Need to Be 100% Sure They Won't Find Me. I Have No Clue What Edward Snowden Is Doing Here in This Corrupt and Dictator Country. Please Use Simple English, Basic Tech Terms, Be as Detailed as Possible, or Direct Me to Articles Links with Info, but Real Good Tips Will Be Appreciated.

I Just Bought New Hard Drive Going to Install New OS and Other Programs on It:

1 Which OS? Windows 10, Linux, Qubes, Whonix Etc, or Use Whonix Inside of Qubes? Which the Most Secure? If Linux Which Version? How the Best to Configure It?

2 Then Need to Install Virtual Machine on It? Which One?

3 Then Which Third Party Programs I Need on It?

4 What Browser to Use? If TOR - What's the Best Configuration for TOR Browser? As I Know Just Using TOR Browser Is Not Enough They Still Can Find You. And Use China Server?

5 Need Antivirus? Antispyware? Which One?

I Guess That''s Should Be Enough?

Thanks a Lot for Saving My Ass.

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