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I made this same post like 5 months ago, but it is still pretty relevant. While there are some bad posts on the forum, I see a majority of posts being downvoted or given negative kudos.

Seeing as how all the recent ones are "-1" with 0 comments, it looks like someone just scrolled down and clicked the down arrow on all of them without even reading.

Why is this an issue?

I use Kudos to see what posts are interesting/valid, and if other people see a thread with "-1" they will just dismiss it a bad post and move on, not helping that person.

This might not be true, but again, this is my opinion and how I interpret it.

There ARE posts that deserve a downvote, but there are plenty of innocent, nice questions that get barraged with downvotes for no reason.

Not everyone is a script kiddie begging you to hack their friend's facebook. (although there has been an increase of those kind of posts)

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It's a pointless system designed to keep people posting articles so they can get a sense of fulfilment from it. It means very little.

I also see no issue with people utilising a system.

With that being said, I'm going to write up a couple of articles soon to help mitigate the issue of pointless, repetitive posts.


Yes they are... A simple search should prove good enough to prevent repetition.

They should do a search and if nothing that they seek is found, then they should ask it. On Quora and StackExchange this is automated.

-The Joker

The problem is some question are really stupid and don't have common sense.I like when people post stuff or tutorial but asking question "how to hack facebook" or "my metasploit not working on wan" or some guys don't wiling to learn and just copy and paste command without thinking that could be malicious code. It should not b here ...

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