Forum Thread: Netdiscover/Wireshark/NMap Show Me Different Results for Host Discovery, Whats Really the BEST Way?

Ok what's up guy's. I've been slowly learning more and more about network reconnaissance. I am trying to find the best way to find others on the network. When I run "netdiscover -r -i wlan0", here are my results, netdiscover finds 3 hosts.

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I then go to Wireshark to do some packet sniffing.. Within a few moments these are my results.

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As you can see under the destination panel, there seems to be packet information headed for a Samsung Device, as well as Apple, I also seen "Hewlett-P" and Lexmark. I am just wondering why is netdiscover not showing all active hosts? Is it possible that there is some firewall blocking me from performing a host discovery ping scan? I also have scanned in the lower console of Armitage, and I get worse results there it will tell me only 1 host is active which is the Default Gateway IP.. So I am looking for a way to discover all hosts on the network for network recon. Thanks.

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What are the Nmap results?

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