Forum Thread: Network of the Gym.

Hello fellow curious hackers.

I had a question bout the gym network since i come there often.

I was wondering what kind of operating system and ports they mostly use for the keys to open the gymfence so you can get in. Ofcurse im not planning to hack it for a free subscription ( even tho it sounds really nice) i just always wonder how every network are set up together.

Anyways if anyone have any idea or expierence on how it is all set up so that any member could swoop ther key or card true the scanner which will make the fence / gate go open. I would love to hear more about it :)

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2 Responses

If there are card readers than they probably have RF scans/IR barcodes on them or a magnetic strip.

Lots of the RF based gym cards now, don't store subscription information on it. They just have gym member id, when you put it on the machine, it gets the approval from the local server. So, most probably you have to hack the network. Since they usually don't have anyone to secure the network, it won't be that hard to get in the system.

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