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I wanted to share with everyone information about IP2, a free and open source software that allows users and applications to each other anonymously and securely. While i2p has been around since 2003, it was thrown into the spotlight in January of this year after the infamous Silk Road left TOR for I2P. While it' definitely has it's glitches, I love it because it provides you with a CPanel of sorts where you can log into chat, post things online, surf the web, transfer files, ect, ect. I'd def check it out. Moreover the more people who use it, the more secure it will more here: Since i2p has it's strengths and weaknesses when compared to tor, experts suggest one shouldn't necessarily be scraped for the other. Either can, of course, be used. The more appropriate tool will depend on your own specific purpose.

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When was this "IP2" released? I think you meant i2p? If so, it has been around for many many years. Since 2003 I believe.

I wish I could say that I liked it, but I just did not find it very user-friendly at all and couldn't find enough "eepsites" to make it worth using. I did like that you can torrent through it though

lol..ya you're right.,,,my bad. It was released in Jan if I recall correctly.

In Jan? Is this something that I have yet to hear about or do you mean the one released in 2003? I don't get where this "Jan" date is coming form. Maybe a major update?

I'm sure google's the way to go...actually I updated the article after doing so myself. It wasn't well known until Jan of this year. Thx for correction

cough It was relatively well-known if you knew where to look / who to ask. It's a decent alternative to TOR, in my opinion. Let's just hope Phoenix750's prediction doesn't come true too soon.

lol....I give up. Cant pple just be cool? You don't like what I said, move along. So sick of this immature crap

I never stated, nor did I imply, that I initially disliked what you wrote.

I just piped in by noting that it was known, wherein you said it wasn't overly well-known, which I won't hesitate to accept for you.

Edit: I didn't even object on that note of yours, grin. We cool now? Hope we are.

Enjoy Null-Byte, it's a good place for learners and experts alike.

There are some articles on I2P here already, I've read them some time ago. I also think this site had an IRC channel on I2P a long time ago.

Here are some articles:

Freenet, Tor & I2P explained

Tor vs. I2P (loved this one)

Intro to I2P & Getting Started

Sharing stuff on I2P

I have yet to know a reason to communicate over there, I'm just using Facebook most of the time for family and friends, Popcorn-Time for series (such as Mr. Robot, and offline PDF reading for... well, learning.

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