Forum Thread: New to Hacking,Need Help!

Hey guys,
I'm a first year computer science student and i am interested in hacking but i don't know how to start.
I have some basic skills of C(learned in university) and now taking a CCNA course.
I'd like to know if you can help me with some beginner stuff.
(i know how legal it is)

Since i was a child i was fascinated by all that "hackers stuff",that's the reason why i chose going to a computer science faculty.I hope someone can help me here.


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4 Responses

Welcome to Null Byte!

Start with either my "Hacking for Newbies" or "How to Use Null Byte to Study to Become a Professional Hacker".

Ok,that's exactly what i'll.
Thanks a lot for your extremely quick response.
I guess i will write you some times from now on.
Thanks again!

If you know C, jump into buffer overflows.

There are plenty of categories on NB so jump around as you please and learn what sounds interesting.

If you really want to learn hacking you should start with "c"language

or you should read a book called hacking-the-art-of-exploitation you can download this just google or buy at amazon this book is really good it start with programming and goes to exploitation and networking. I really recommend this book to you.

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