New Idea [ Workshops ] by : Mohamed Ahmed

Hi people of nullbyte , I want to do a workshops. The idea is to make a post every time I explain something and leave a few days to do exercises and raise the results. For that to work that there have to be people who want to do it while the posts are coming.

#####We can do another theme, but I was thinking of doing something like this:

  • Scrapping webs (the exercise is taking data from the forum)
  • Same thing but sending post is to try to loguearse with different accounts that we draw with the previous post)
  • Something similar but with a web that shows the data with javascript
  • An explanation of apis rest and we use some Capable something asi with soap and oauth
  • And to finish, we make a bot for some web

why i wrote it down?

So that you can know how to program and a little bit of python (variables, for, while, if, functions, import and little else will help you to go on with us

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