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Hello Everyone, I just created an account on Null-Byte and am very excited to start learning all that I can from the wonderful community. I have been lurking and occasionally reading articles on this site and have found it to be the best source of knowledge for any soon-to-be ethical hacker or penetration-tester. I am only a High-School Student but I wish to pursue Cyber Security as a majo/career path in the future. I am doing all that I can to perfect my skills. I am currently on Winter Break so I will try to learn as much as I can! I started off watching very specific videos off of YouTube and found that I learned barely anything. At the rate I was going I was basically just a Script Kiddie, using other people's code with no idea of what happened under the hood. With the professional skills and years of experience from the community here on Null-Byte I know that I can start from the basic level and build a solid understanding of Computer and Network Security. Perhaps even learn some Social Engineering, Computer Forensics, and many other types of skills!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post! Hopefully this will be the start of something awesome!

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Same as for me.I had also joined null byte recently.Nullbyte is a good place for anyone having interests in hacking and penetesting.

@Null Digit: Please don't address other people's posts or words as rubbish. Always know your freedom ends where others freedom begins. Please with due respect try to say what will help or PLAN B: Shut up and say your words to the monitor. Null Byte can stand all kinds of stuff but not harrassing New comers, Our kind gestures is what has gotten us here so if you can't obey, I recommend you keep quiet. Thanks for the time.

# Sergeant

Your welcome. Always know the key to distinction is determination, resources, passion and the time. Just keep it at a low pace and also have pop corn while opening the forum in your browser because you will always have something new to read. Welcome once again and Have a nice stay :)

# Sergeant

Welcome to Null Byte!


Thank You Guys so much for welcoming me to the community! It means a lot, I have already started reading these awesome articles ! :D

welcome to nullbyte study hard and you'll definetely learn valuable stuff blessed that I've found a place that I can call home of knowledge everyone here at nullbyte is an important piece ...again your welcome

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