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hey everyone. I am pretty new in the area of hacking and protection against hacking so forgive my ignorance if i say something obvious. i went through this forum and the blog and saw some great posts on staying safe in the cyber world, but does anyone have some tips on how to beef up my anonymity and protection on a mac? I dont need to drop off the grid, but i want to be able to hid my ip if needed and have a very secure firewall and i dont know what else. i would like to keep my footprint as small as possible but be able to maintain my facebook (yes, i know that is a huge footprint on its own). like i said i dont need to disappear, just be safer and increase my knowledge and awareness. anything helps so give me everything you got. thanks guys

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I would learn how to use iptables and TOR. That should take care of most of your issues. As for the rest, just be conscious of what you do on the internet. Never reveal accurate info about yourself to people other than friends and family.

thanks! im assuming there is some stuff on iptables here? im not 100% sure what it is or how to use it.

Alex put up a tut on using ipTables. It's a firewall program, if you are using mac you will find it through terminal as IPFW (ipfw). For cleaning up your computer you can also grab, OnyX. Has secure hard drive cleaning options if you need that. TOR is good if your serious, you can also grab Ghostery for less bots watching you online with any browser, and FoxyProxy is quite easy to download/install/use if you use Firefox. If you're into not getting d0xed that's mostly how you manage your accounts and online behaviours, not necessarily what you have on your computer. A nice password script for creating secure, non-reused passwords on all your accounts? Here is the one I wrote and use:

Tor works for browsing and getting away from firewalls that block content. Sadly Tor is not end to end encrypted, so if someone was able to listen on the exit nodes (happens a lot) that can see what's going on. You can mitigate this by using SSL or something else on the presentation layer to encrypt. 

You should give i2p a look. It functions like Tors onion routing, but has end to end encryption built in. 

Protip: sqlmap has a --tor switch ;)

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