Forum Thread: Newbie Query About MAC Addresses and IP Numbers in Kali Linux

Hey all:

Came here from the Null Bytes YouTube videos.

I have a few questions regarding maintaining proper anonymity when hacking with Kali Linux.

First, I am running Kali Linux as a VM on a Mac Book Air via VirtualBox.

I am making an assumption (and please correct me if I am mistaken) that the two things I need to hide are my MAC Address and my IP Number.

I have IPVanish's VPN running on my Mac Book Air. When I am in the Kali terminal and I check my public IP, it reflects what the VPN says on the Mac. I am assuming this is good enough.

I use macchanger on Kali to change my MAC Address. However, I keep reading that this is not foolproof. What I keep seeing is that I need to configure my "network manager" in Kali to be sure that it is nor reporting my true MAC Address to the world. Does that sound right?

Can someone enlighten me? Or give me info that is valid? Essentially I am trying to figure out the best way to remain anonymous as I go further into Kali Linux and explore the local wifi networks. At the moment I am working with my own WIFI Router on my internal network to learn more.


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The best way to maintain anonymity is through layers of protection. First of all use proxy chains, if you are utilizing reverse connection payloads i would suggest NGROK or any bulletproof VPS. If you are using an external WiFi adapter for your VM, and the MAC address is somehow found even with mac changer being used it does not matter that much as you can just microwave the circuit-board and drill through the center of the chip-set.

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