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Hello guys!

First, i must tell You that site is excellent especially for the beginner like me! So now i have beginners question for You :)

I read it what You wrote about Tor, I2P etc...When i buy new lap top i planning to beginn from a start, installing Tor, I2P...

Btw i use Ubuntu. Please tell me, how in that case i can use my public e-mail, profiles like Facebook and others, in the same time with new non public e-mail and anonymous profiles...?! Do i need different browsers, for ex. Arora for public "relations" and Firefox with Tor button for anonymity...?! Is that even possible and good for being anonymous...?! Or i need to have multi boot like i have now and use just one OS particular..?! Or...

Guys, im be glad that You help me solving my confusion, i definitely want to be "anonymous" in the near future, but i want to know how, when to use public profiles but to not disrupt anonymity...Sorry if my english is not enough good and hope You will understand me :)


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A good way to look at it would be like this:

All of your social networking profiles are simply web sites. If you wanted to create a decent barrier, use fake profiles and always connect to those sites with a proxy like Tor. I should point out though, connecting to these sites through a proxy but still using your real information is very bad and it might compromise both your proxy and your identity.

How safe all of this is depends on your threat model. For most people wanting to maintain a decent level of anonymity this solution should work well. This helps keep people from doxing you as well, so it's worthwhile simply for that.

For the more security minded, I would say don't even use Facebook.

As for the Tor button and such, skip it. You should only connect to the Tor network with the browser package that is already preconfigured to be safe.

Hope that helped!

Thanks Allen for quick replay and useful information!!

I supposed something like that but i needed to ask to be sure...I'll skip Tor button...

No problem, check out my new blog post about this very topic.

Great tips on your new blog!!!

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