Forum Thread: Newbie to This World! Couple of Questions.

Hi everyone, new member here. I am a complete newbie when it comes to anything "hacking." I picked up linux a little over a week ago and am learning that along with Python. I'm also slowly reading about the "hacking" world :) Very interesting, but very overwhelming! Anyway, I have a couple of questions...

First, I've been messing around with Kali using a VM. The other day I installed a new VM of Kali, and while doing apt-get update, my host OS's (Win 7) AV found a threat:

Threat: ASP/Ace.Q Trojan (broke up the link with ...)

I'm a little concerned about this. A member of another forum mentioned that it could be a "red herring". Does anyone have any suggestions?

Second, I used the website to obtain a friends IP. I received two separate IP's when he clicked it - and - I used a geolocation website and the 23.101 says its located in Dubland, Ireland. The other says Virginia, USA. My friend is located on the West Coast of Canada! What would cause this to be so off? Also, why did I receive two IP's?


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Where did you download your new version of Kali from? The official site?

I dont know why you received 2 ip's. I tried to research it for you but your link doesnt work...

And he could be using a VPN or a proxy server.

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