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Good day all

I have a very strange problem, on this website (nullbyte) I can't only view the first pages (e.g page 1 of 52, and can't open page 2/52) .

When I open the 2nd page it just loads forever, I use Google Chrome and have tried different computers. Can someone maybe help me with this, except for a solution to use another broswer.

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I had this problem. Do you have ad-block running? It seems to have trouble with the site and stops the other pages from loading.

Oh yeah, thanks alot LEO :)

Just disabled it, everythings loads fine now

Hooray I'm useful :)

I have adblock too but mine runs fine...
Or you can just add this site to adblocks exception list... hf!!

Here is a really simple fix:

Lets say
is the page, and I want to go to the second page.
What I do is add in the url "/by-latest/2/"
Didn't even have to disable my ad block. ~_~

And for its "/activity/by-newest/2"

I have disabled the adblocker but still, the next page button is not active

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