Forum Thread: Nikto OSVDB-13431 Question

Hi. After a fast scan with Nikto, i did have this result : OSVDB-13431: PROPFIND HTTP verb may show the server's internal IP address:

What is this ?

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I thought I showed you how to do this yesterday??
I saw the post prior to edit and filed it in /dev/null
( Don't post IP's in the open. If you really need to pass sensitive info PM someone.)

Sorry about that.

Is ok, I don't have any mod powers so was not I editing the post.

I don't mind at all. However Recon of targets is the hard part 99% of the time. Pointing an exploit at a server is the easy part.

Just use google to start then move to different search engines. Spiders are your friend. Any place you can extract information will help in foot printing.

SearchEngines: DOGPILE,Baidu,Yandex etc.
Supporting documents
Public Records

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