Forum Thread: No Internet on MBP Kali Linux

Hello I am using the latest Kali from a 16gb sd card on my macbook pro. I am using the normal wifi inside the computer but i have made the mistake of following a forum topic and using clear kill on monitor mode for wlans. I am a newbie and kinda clueless would appreacite the help. Thank you

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If you type commond like "airmon-ng check kill",then airmon-ng will kill the NetworkManager.So you can't connect to the wifi.Just type NetworkManager in the terminal will slove this problem.

Thank you but NetworkManager doesnt produce any output and airmong-ng is still empty. Maybe i cant use the internal wifi inside the mac and need an external adapter?

Sorry,I'm a chainese and not good at Engilish.The Translation is hard to understand. So maybe I didn't understand you problem well.I don't have a macbook.I'm not sure if kali has a driver of your internal wifi card.I need the output of commond "iwconfig".Or a screenshot.

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