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Hi I was wondering if there was a way to exploit or install a backdoor on a windows computer using only cmd or powershell

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Why would you not want to use it though?


@GHOST While that's a good question, I am curious about how you might go about breaking into a computer without using pre-written tools or frameworks. I guess it would basically involve writing your own code, which could be a long complicated process. However, if you've gained access with metasploit, I can't imagine why you wouldn't just use that to create a backdoor.

Wiley Kat:

Yeah, pretty much. It's not like these tools we have access to are the be all and end all; you can still go down to ground level and craft your own exploit code. It just takes a really long time.

Though with that said, any hack should take a while. No use running in guns blazing; know what you're up against first and then find the best way around it.


recently i was reading about a virus that was encrypted in power shell maybe you could find the source for it.but yea if you know how to exploit a machine manually you can write the code to do it why not,

i think you can even read metasploits exploit source code and see what is happening and make something on your own...

I cannot download metasploit and I am a novice hacker/programmer and do not have much experience outside of windows (cmd or powershell)


First, I don't understand why you can't download Metasploit. Second, you could simply install Kali and Metasploit is built in. Third, to really become a hacker, you need to use Linux. Check out my Linux tutorials here on Null Byte. Fourth, if you insist on just using cmd, you choices are more limited. Social engineering then becomes critical and tools like netcat and cryptcat work great from cmd.



Ok thanks I've heard about kali and backtrack a bit and that might do well so I'll give that a try thanks!

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