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that burnout probably damaged your motherboard. can you show us a picture of the burned ram stick so we can create an image of how bad the damage could be?

also, how did you place the ram "wrong"? as far as i know, there is only one way to fit RAM in a motherboard.


your motherboard might have short circuited, as cyberhitchhiker suggested. but it might also be your graphics card if you have one. have you tried using your motherboard's integrated graphics processor? (if it has one).

what is also possible is that your motherboard got into some sort of "error mode" and refuses to respond. what might help is to reflash the BIOS. i can't tell you exactly how to do this because it depends on your motherboard model, so you'll need to do some googling to figure out how to do it. it is also most likely described in the user manual that came with your motherboard.

or you could just buy a new motherboard.


Ram only fits one way. It may have not seated correctly and started peeling leads off.

Did you install the RAM after all? Did it work?

You could pick up a new/open box MOBO for around 30-50$ if you needed one, if in the US (not sure if the INTL ship). Random thought.

If you are still having no video signal. It may well be fried, dyed and laid to the side. You really don't want to be working with a shorted board if you have a choice..

mother board: MSI B75MA-E33

bought new ram, i tried the motherboard's integrated graphics and still now signal

have you looked at MSI's help center? it should be in there

if BIOS flashing did not solve it, you will need to get a new motherboard.


how can i flash it without a sinal on the monitor

Bro, sorry to say if on board VGA is dead then the board is probably dead. The PCI-e slot won't work with video card and the on board VGA too... Sounds all bad sorry to say. ESD and surges are death to most MoBos.

The E33 I use all the time to build POS for clients. MSI boards are pretty durable but cant take overloads. You may want to remove the MoBo and look for burnt leads on the boards bottom side or swollen caps on the top. If luck is with you you may have just fried a lead path and can jump it or put a new cap in if one blew.

Still under warranty? send it back?

bought like two years ago :/
so if i got a new mother board, would it work then?

<!-- When you power on the PC will it power up? Can you hear the HDD(s) and optical drive(s) spin? -->

<!-- Have you tried to run the board without THAT RAM, Optical(s),GPU, CPU in it? :see if the video will kick in and it will POST or spit violently out error codes at you and not. One at a time. -->

<!-- Does it give audio error beep code(s)? -->

<!-- Original -->
Hopefully everything else besides the RAM and MoBo is fine. That ram stick looks suspect as well at this point.

BTW Most MSI boards have a CMOS reset switch on the board along with a power button on the board, sadly the E33 does not. So the only way to re-flash (if that would even help with a Electrical surge) is with a monitor as expected. Sorry for your issues. MSI has a MIL-Spec line of MoBo's I use those for personal stuff just a thought.

do you really need a monitor to re-flash a MSI motherboards? i don't know because i've always used ASUS. and my motherboard (ASUS P8Z77-M) can be re-flashed by just using a USB stick with the BIOS in it. the feature is called USB BIOS Flashback.


eveything turns on, no error sounds, just no signal.

The first thing you should do is remove ALL RAM and power it up. Do you get a POST beep code indicating "No RAM detected". If the answer is No, then your board is toast and will require circuit level repair. You can check for the obvious like blown caps and use a DMM to check fuses. Sounds like you shorted a component by installing the RAM crooked, or 1 pad on the stick covered multiple pins in the DDR slot. Since there are 180+ pins you could have shorted a crystal, voltage regulator, or a transistor. Any components getting hot to the touch? Like boiling? that would indicate a short and given a couple minutes it will blow. This means a component AFTER the popped/hot one is defective. Nearly impossible to trace with todays multilayered boards.

First thing is first, rule out the board. All PC's will produce a POST error when it cannot locate any RAM for the system. Make sure you have a PC speaker connected to the 4 pin connector on the motherboard. POST errors will not come out the Green audio jack...only internal PC speaker.

Ouch. Your gonna have to find one or borrow one from any other tower. It's a simple 2 pin piezo electric speaker. I know RadioShack sells them for a couple bucks if they are around you. New motherboards come with them too.

Worst case is a dead board. If the CPU went then usually the board will not fire up at all. No fans...nothing. The status LED on the board will be lit though. It sounds like you at least have power and fans. Since you removed your video card and tried the onboard it is really pointing toward a board. At least with the speaker you can confirm the problem and have a piece of mind. Your board runs just over $100.

Check the obvious like crooked or bent pins in the RAM slots. Maybe something is crossed.

yeah id say it just the board
what the paste il need when moving the cpu to the new one,
heat paste?

I would suggest something like. Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Polysynthetic Silver Thermal Compound Thermal paste. I use this other paste with diamonds in it and it basically glues the heat sink on so I would recommend the arctic silver since it never gives any issues and works great. Others may have suggestions as well.

ye were right, please marked as sloved :) got anew motherboard and works great

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