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Hi there! This is my first post on any hacking site and unfortunately it's a question.

I've worked for a year on creating a Windows Console App the takes screenshots every 2 seconds and then zips them and sends them over email every 2 hours. I finally finished just yesterday, but the problem is it's not really meant to be super stealthy like I need.

I had a beta version (with just the screenshot function) installed on a computer, but unfortunately the user found out when it started creating too many files and slowing down the computer. It's a given that the first thing I've tried failed as I'm so new to this, but I really need to keep trying.

I was hoping that maybe you guys could help me out.

Here is what I need;

I need a program that can get past another program that shows all the files created on the computer (plus alerts the user if files are being created more than 5 times per minute). The way to get around this I think is to create a program that takes screenshots every 2 seconds or so, but doesn't save them to the computer, maybe saves them to a cloud instead.

I hope this is all making sense. If not, please ask me any questions you may have. And thank you for all the help!

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If you get a Meterpreter payload session you can skip most of your process. The screenshots are sent directly to your computer through the payload.

Read up on Metasploit, Meterpreter and Armitage.

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