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Hello all! I'm new here and just want to say how much I like the site, the helpful articles, and the sense of community I feel from Null Byte. I'm so glad I get to be a part of this.

I got a late start to network security and hacking, and I'm wondering how old is too old to get started? I have probably a beginner's level of understanding, knowing some Python and Linux basics. I'm working on my A+ cert now and plan to do much more from there. Honestly I would love to work as a pen-tester one day. As a college dropout, something that I chose to do, the past few years I've been slowly moving away from the societal indoctrination that kept my mind chained up for far too long. I wonder now though, in my early 20's, is it too late for me to ever be a talented white-hat hacker and could I ever be respected by the hacker community? I don't know if anyone out there has a past like mine, but I could use some encouragement and advice. It is so important to have community and to be accepted by others, and since I've watched this site on the sidelines for some time now, only recently deciding to join, I really believe Null Byte is a positive environment in which I will be able to grow.

Thanks to all of the contributors, your articles are so helpful and greatly appreciated!


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You are far from too old! I have seen hackers start in their 30's and 40's.

That's good to hear! and thanks for responding, btw this morning I read your article on networking basics, it was great and I'm looking forward to the upcoming posts. I especially liked the example about IP addresses and ports being like street addresses and individual apartments, the image created there really helped drive the point home.

It's never too late to start hacking!


Thanks for the encouragement! I just read your post the Pursuit of Knowledge, it goes right along with my feelings on the community here. Null Byte is a great place

I'm in my 40's and learn hacking/pen testing (largely from this site) alongside my day job. Given that my day job is 13 hours of graft a day, a minimum of five days a week, my hacking skills are progressing slowly. However, they ARE progressing. If you know where you want to get to, and are determined, thoughtful and patient, then you can do it. This is not some new age, mindfulness, tofu centered bullshit. Just decide you want to do it, give some consideration to the best way to achieve it, and the job's a good un. Some things may have to be sacrificed but, if you want it, you'll do it. Age is no barrier bud.

You know actually, they said it all. But let me add one more thing: Never and I mean never allow anyone, not even your parents to dissuade you from doing what you desire or feel passionate about. All it takes is determination, resources and the passion to keep doing what you do. Its never too late in life, so far as there is a tomorrow, there is chance to be reborn. Hehe!, I sound like a ghost awaken from the dead now. Thanks for sharing.

For too long I lived like that, so many years wasted on being who everyone else wanted me to be. That's what I love about the hacker community though, we like making things behave in a way that they weren't necessarily expected to. Thanks for the advice!

Hey 3|)o/\/\ (had to copy and paste that). Me and you are in the same boat.. roughly the same age, college uh.. "achievements" and it seems mindset too. You're right about the community here, it's great! Can't give any real advice just wanted to say that I'm glad you posted your post, since although I am in a similar situation, I don't think i would have bothered to ask. Looking forward to see what kind of replies you get.

I suppose one piece of advice I could give from personal experience is think twice about using the word "hacking" haha or you'll get " Can you hack my girlfriends computer?" and such requests haha

Anyway I've come pretty far in just a few months using various recources on the web, not sure if you can post links here or not so I won't do that, but I've found that "occupytheweb" here on nullbytes has helped me beyond description. I know I haven't really addressed any of your questions so sorry about that, but good luck with your ambitions.


Good luck to you as well, and thanks for sharing. Its good to know we're not alone out here!

Btw -should give you minus one kudos for "newb" rather than "noob". Honestly man, pay attention. ;-)

Noted ;-) also thanks for sharing earlier. I also work full time and some days it feels like my education only gets to creep forward. I'll keep pressing on though, I appreciate the encouragement!

Never too old, I'm in my 30's. My advice to you, which seems to be a common among noobs. Don't try to learn everything at once, you will get no where. Pick an area weather it be web application security, networking security, privacy, cryptography, what ever and study hard.

Good luck!

You will never be too old for starting hacking. The early twenties is a good time to start hacking because you will just have that logical brain to understand and think clearly while hacking, and also finish the moderate learning after like four years. Really, I started hacking while I was around sixteen. But people really up the game only after that.

Never is it too old. Welcome!

An advice I have left would be: Be sure in whatever you want to do, because once it's done, you can NOT change it even by going back in time.

-The Joker

Hey, I am pretty much like you! Welcome to Null Byte! "Too" old is just an excuse, don't let it get you! I taught my father to download files via torrents and he's 65. He struggled with basic tasks such as creating a windows folder at first

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