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Can anyone tell me if this is a good WiFi adapter to buy? Meaning, can someone tell me if it's capable of packet injection and monitor mode.

Sorry I don't know a lot about it and want to be sure that I buy the right thing.

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I use the Alfa AWUS36NH with good results. There are many more though.

I was thinking about maybe buying this one, but I'm not sure if it has a big enough range, since it doesn't have an antenna. Can anybody tell me if it is good enough?

I don't know if the AWUS036NHA is a good one(because I don't have it to prove), I know it is capable of packet injection, but I read in the kali forum that some people have problems with this adaptor and it's signal strength is not that good. If you are planning to use aircrack-ng I would recomend like Jeremy the Alfa AWUS036NH.

I use a Panda 300MB/s wifi adapter (its a Plug n Play adapter for most linux distros (including Kali))
Costs under $20

only downside is that it only operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency. (means no support for 5GHz)

I started, as I'm sure many people do, with the Alfa AWUS036NH. It's recommended pretty much everywhere and with good reason, as it does everything you will require. After a while though I felt I would benefit from something with a bit more power and upgraded to the Yagi Turbotenna It's a bit more pricey but my analysis showed an average 28% increase in pwr rating for APs and, of course, you can find more distant APs, compared with the Alfa.

The TP-LINK TL-WN722N will work well with Kali Nethunter as well as pc. Alfa will require a y-cable with power source because of how powerful it is. I use alfa as well for laptop and TP-LINK TL-WN722N for nexus 7 running kali nethunter with great results.

That looks like half height mini PCI express.

Some guides you can find right here:

You would need a mini PCI express to USB adapter/carrier. No guarantee that the laptop manufacturer didn't do funky stuff with the interface, though.

You will probably spend more time getting it to work than you would spend money on a USB wifi adapter. Last I checked, good ones were pretty cheap.

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