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i've found myself get addicted to the act of hacking. i would like to learn it but i am totally new and i don't know where to start with. Are there any video about hacking here? Or where can i find them?

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GIYF (Google is Your Friend)

"Hacking" is a broad term that covers just about anything. Do you mean hacking in the truest term that is, programming for days on end to produce the most beautiful code imaginable. Or do you mean performing a DDOS which in my opinion is not so much hacking as it is more efficient to take a sledgehammer to a box.

The easiest way to learn is by solving problems (one of the key traits of any "hacker")  find a project to start, one that you know nothing about how to accomplish but one that you can start and get the basic structure down. then take a large problem and break it apart into the smallest simplest problem you can figure. Hop on the Internets and do some research. by then you should be able to break that problem down even further. repeat this until you find the solution. continue doing projects untill your done learning...which according to the hacker ethic, is never!

As for resources, there really is the entire internets. if you find one resource that will do but doesnt have a friendly community find another. also learn how do take general solutions and adapt them to fit your specific need. I would also recommend that you take up Bash and Dos scripting. That would be your first step to going from an average user to a super user.

My Appologies if you are past all of this but I dont know how much experience you have or what aspects you are interested in! Happy learning, Happy Hacking!

Sorry for replying you so late. Well, i am a Chinese University student and the network here sucks. Google no longer works here, i can just use it at home for a few minutes and it will shut itself down. i am learning programming but i think it is a long road for me to walk.  Meanwhile i just get some benefits by using the tools in BT5, so i want to get some knowledge of  what you say "more efficient". i am learning both Bash and Dos, but i feel that my progress is a little bit slow. By the way, my English is not that good, so i don't know if i am saying the right words.

Have you checked out a website called "HackThisSite"?  I couldn't recommend it more.  This site is probably one of the best to learn how to hack.  The founder, Alex Long, has written up some great tutorials on Null Byte about the above link, so check them out also.  But please, use your skills for the greater good!  Be responsible.  Black Hat hackers (the badies) will always get caught and the law is no longer light on hacking. 

Wow, thanks so much! i am going to check that out later. The law is what i am really concerning right now. i just don't want to get caught when i am still a newbie

Once you get The basics of one programming language down it gets much easier to pick up others (if you dont start writing a bit of java in the middle of a python program :P) As for the law, it is generally ok to hack your own computer on your own network. Although this is only a rule of thumb and you will need to look into it for your own ISP and Country laws, there are some providers that will not allow you if the machines face the internet because things might get messy. it is never okay to break into someone elses machine without there permission. The Backtrack websites got a bunch of tutorials on their website.

alright then. i guess i should try all the things i 've learn in my own computer for now. thank you so much. And i am wondering how can i get in touch with you if i have any question like this?

Careful using Backtrack, I have heard that some of it's out of the box tools set off flags when pen-testing, because it is a publicly white-hat distro. I don't have any verification for that statement, but IMO if your doing something your not supposed to be and you're NOT paranoid, you're caught.

wow..that sounds horrible. i 've changed my OS to ubuntu cause i couldn't find any suitable drivers for my APU, and that makes my desktop slow. Now my desktop looks much more beautiful.

I tried Mint, I really enjoyed it. Who doesn't love a desktop that looks pretty on top of everything else (assuming it isn't detrimental to your computers performance).

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