Null Byte: The Place to Begin, and How to Get Started

OTW recently provided Null Byte with a " Newbie Treatment" guide if you will, and ghost_ also had a "how to post to null byte " thread. However I believe that it would be better if there was an ultimate guide for newcomers once and for all.


Trust worthy contributors:
Many of these include:
Cracker Hacker
and more ( a lot more)

Part: 2
Types of content:
Instead of listing all of them I'll save some time.
To see all the content in Null Byte click on the "How-To" button up top next to "World Home"

Part: 3

At Null Byte we value info and our community members even more. If your a noob don't be afraid to ask someone will address your question and answer it. To be honest I myself am a noob in most aspects but I'm here to learn just like you, and to learn efficiently you must inquire about something you don't understand.


Once you find another new comer then help them. Realise that at one point, you too needed help crossing beginning hurdles in hacking.


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I didn't touch that much upon what ghost_ and OTW said because I figured that it would be better to have something a bit more separate.


Nevermind. Downvote this.

Hey, thanks for including me to that list!
I still feel like a newcomer newbie myself, I just prefer reading before asking :)

"I am here to learn like you..." Exactly. We all have much to learn from each other.

This place is great for learning, its not like some forum where users try to infect other members by giving them backdoored software.

How do you know we don't do that?

Just kidding. Yeah, I've seen other places that get real dirty when it comes to hacking.

Put Cyberhitchhiker as a trustworthy contributor, he's invaluable to the community.


Thanks for the shout out ghost_ & C|H.


Brainfart. Where's the edit button for the thread?


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