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Hey guys,

I don't know about you, but I could spend my whole day on reading articles, tutorials and news on Null Byte.
However on Nullbyte are sooo many good articles, so what about a portable guide?
Maybe an ebook or a normal book?
I love to hold things "in my hands" or to have a backup of all the tutorials that I love stored on my HDD.
I heard from some guys that they are backuping some articles as well.

What do you guys think?

Just as an addition to read on the go or to have a reference book to look-up like the famous Linux command reference books.

Maybe a bit difficult with the copyright of the articles of the authors but maybe some authors could give me the permission.

Just a PDF to look if the Internet is down or something like that.

Just a thought, so hit me if you're interested ;)


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I have been compiling for myself the courses of OTW. to be able to put into a binder.
as long as OTW does not object I would be willing to make it available somehow.

I was thinking about the same

Specially with hundreds of subjects its pretty hard to gather all the info about specific subject you want to focus on

If it will cover articles under same subject and start from noob to advanced topics it will be amazing. I think many people will want to pay for it too

The best you could do is to mirror the site offline, using a tool like HTTrack.

-The Joker

that would be great.looking forward to it.

What we need is a team of people who find good high-quality tutorials and ask the authors of the articles if we're allowed to take this into a PDF or whatever.

High-quality means not that all the other stuff is bad-quality, but some guys can explain it a bit better and some articles are a bit more detailed than others.

Then we would be able to put this stuff into a texteditor and add some (license free) pictures and (sometimes) add a bit of problem solving (if a problem or common mistake is mentioned in the comment section, we could add that in the guide).

A Question is also if the should just copy-paste the content or edit some parts out.

I was thinking about a community project, so if somebody has a bit time to invest on the weekend (even if it's only 5min), that would it make way more easier ;)

PDFs aren't really scalable because every time something is added or updated, it would have to be recreated and it becomes a bit troublesome to manage. Perhaps an application which fetches updates from authors when it connects to the internet and downloads and caches them for offline reading. Maybe something which saves the web page in a way which only extracts the articles themselves and not the content around it like the community feed?

Yeah, that's right.

Wouldn't be very user friendly if you have to download it every time its getting updated, but on the other hand I think that would be the easiest way.

Any skilled programmer here, who can make such an application?

So just a little update, I think the easiest way would be to create a word doc which is later changed into a PDF.
A lot of work but with community work it would be easy.

I could you guys also give a template and an example so you can easily create your own documents from your favourite guides ;)

I just tried it by myself and it looks awesome ;)

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