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Come visit #nullbyte on I2P! Come chat in a more secure location with us. Questions? Wondering how to get there? Just let me know!

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Dear Allen,

I was wondering. the domain name is for sale and i was wanting to download dweputils. i can't find the utility anywhere on the net. do you know where to find it? also, I have tried to use linux puppy, and it is far harder to use than windows (for me at least), is dweputils availible for windows as well? thank you for your time!

also, sorry if this is the wrong place to post that question

Not the right spot but not a huge deal either. Next time you can ask a question by starting a new topic!

The package you are looking for is old and I can't recommend it. Look into Aircrack, Wireshark, and Kismet. What exactly are you trying to do? Perhaps there are better tools for you.

Have you looked into Ubuntu or Mint? Both are fairly friendly for the first time linux user. What issues and problems did you run into? 

I also can't recommend Windows for much besides gaming.

amen to the last comment. and on linux, I got puppy linux... can't figure out squat. i did manage to partition my 4 gig flash drive though. other than that, as a person that grew up using windows 3.1, linux is an alien.

on what I'm trying to do, i'm trying to scan for raw data packets in passive mode. i looked on the web at, and the adapters sold for $200- $2000. talk about a monopoly.

anyways, a guy at my local radio shack told me that my laptop had the ability to do that with its current intagrated wifi card, i just had to find the right software to scan passively. I tried cain and abel at, and all i got was an active scanner. i also tried wireshark, and i couldn't find where to switch it from active to passive scanning. i do have the latest WinPCap installed. also, i did try aircrack, but puppy linux is so different from windows, i couldn't figure it out how to execute the program. i am going to try several different versions of linux to see which ones i like the most. thanks for the suggestions

If I do not reply within 24 hours of this reply, it's because i do not have internet where i live... thanks again. 

PS why are there so many versions of linux?

While I can't say much about most of your post.. I can add my input as to why there are so many versions of linux. There are so many because it's open source and promotes making modifications to the OS, both large and small. That huge community dev'base and the encouragement to change and re-create the OS combined with the resources to actually do so means many people are simultaneously working on creating/updating/maintaining different versions/distros. Hopefully that helps :P


I am writing an article right now about this. I thought it was a good question and a quick forum reply would not do it much justice. Thanks for the idea!

cool, send me a link when you finish it. thx

Sorry for bumping, but is anyone using the IRC channel? I've been away from nullbytes for about 5-6 months (I see alot has changed, congratulations as the new admin Allen) - anyways, I'm all alone at the #nullbyte channel - isn't people using the IRC channel anymore? 

Before I left there were always 10++ at the darchoods server channel :P

forgive my ignorance, but what is the IRC channel, and how do I access it?

alright, cool. thank you.

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