Forum Thread: oclHashcat Catalyst 14.9

ok so i wanted to try oclhashcat... it strictly says you need catalyst 14.9...
so i downloaded it for linux.. unzipped it..
then i run sudo ./
and this is what i get -

Image via

so i still tinkered with it a little and this is as far i can get to... no matter what i click...

Image via

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11 Responses

calatyst is ati/amd driver for graphics card if you use nvidia this one will not work

Yea I got an amd radeon man... thats why I downloaded catalyst lol;);

EDIT - btw I got two graphics card on my laptop... an intel and an amd

Maybe the default one to use is the Intel GPU and you'd have to manually select to use the AMD one.


And why I aint getting any options written on the gui??

You can install "fglrx" for your AMD graphics card and use "amd-indicator" to switch between your Intel and AMD graphics cards. I think this might solve your problem.

Thats the problem man.. look at my first post.. look at images.. no options... cant install... :(:(

Oh my bad, sorry, is GNOME your only desktop environment?

Thanks for your replies.. I tinkered a but more with the installer and got it working..

Good job :D

You are using a laptop to do GPU cracking???

In my opinion you shouldn't do that, but keep in mind to regulary clean your fans and heat shields/pipes, its going to get hot.

Dont forget to check the termic paste.


I just run it for like 5 minutes and then I get bored and stop it lol ;);)

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