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Hi guys, i am relative new here, and i got a small problem with a domain laptop i managed to crash.

I was just screwing around in the system a special file folder called CCM, and i dont know what i did there i just went on managing files and made me owner of files 1 after 1 (i already got my hands on local administrator). And after many many hours of screwing around in that laptop just for fun and making my self owner and such, managed files, made retarded changes in the system files. And i think i actually deleted some files, as the computer is a domain computer i was not conected to internet so logs about changes i did in the laptop was not sent to domain admin, i just wanted to find where the logs was saved and delete it, after a while i just started to delete everything that was named anything with "log". And now the computer wont start, stating an error message "There is no windows installed, set in a cd/dvd with windows". What can i do now? And also there is a BIOS password, i need to get my hands on just in case i dont manage to recover the system until monday.

Need some expertice ^^

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Also this is security related, i need some help to access BIOS without having much possibilities as you may see in the post.

Someone know how i can recover a few days backwards in this situation? As i am writing i am preparing Kali for usb, but i am not sure i can use it becaus there is BIOS pw.. But i will try asap.

If BIOS is not booting from USB, is there anyway forcing USB boot with a script inserted in the usb stick?

I think your best bet is to download an ISO of the specific version of Windows that is on that laptop (it won't cost you anything to download just the ISO; you don't need an actual activation key). Make a bootable USB stick of that Windows installation ISO. And just to be safe, also burn a DVD copy of that Windows installation ISO just in case the laptop will no automatically boot into the ISO (try pressing F12 on the BIOS screen because it may let you choose what you boot into without entering the BIOS). Either way, between your bootable USB and DVD you will be able to launch into Windows repair by one or the other. Windows setup will boot off your media and one of the first screens that pops up will give you the option to repair Windows instead of installing it. There are a few different repair options and since I'm not certain exactly what damage you've done to the OS already, you may have to just try them one at a time. Start with the boot repair and move on from there. I think you'll be able to get yourself out of this mess. Good luck.

BUT i think it is some modified enterprise... Altough i was a local admin on the pc, it was always some settings i could not touch, the error msg said me to contact system manager or something like that..

But alrighty then i will prepare enterprise drive

I'm not sure what kind of company you work for or what their policies are, but where I work people mess up their PCs all the time. And I'm talking about like totally screw up the OS like you did. We would never check into all the logs and try to figure out what that person did so we could blame them. It just doesn't happen. We'd just reimage the laptop and never give it a second thought. These things happen. Maybe you're over-worrying about what kind of trouble you'll get into if they find out. Then again, maybe not. It's still worth at least trying to repair Windows with the installation disc. It'll usually restore any of the critical system files you damaged/deleted.

Uff, i managed to lock bios.. But i can still choose boot between harddrive and ethernet, but not flash drive.. What next ?

Can i by any chance set up a ethernet between my pc and laptop to do something about the network boot option?
Altough it is a domain laptop, or do you think it will need domain network to boot?

Much apreciate all help and tip's i can get!

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