Forum Thread: Okay, Let's Get It Over with. How Do I Hack a BANK?

seriously though, how do I hack a bank?

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Null Byte: "The aspiring white-hat hacker/security awareness playground" says it all. It's not the right place.

Yeah. Saw some tutorial about hacking ATM's on this site. and OTW explains how to hack ATM's in the comment section. So judging by the whole book it self I'd say THIS IS NOT A WHITE HACKER PLAYGROUND!

There is a difference between actually doing something, or just explaining how something can be done. The first is a criminal act, the latter is expanding your knowledge and that of others.


It is a white hat site, sorry if you've been led to believe that. Please know that we're happy to help you with questions you may have, but a question this vague is bound to get some irritated responses.

Please be more precise with questions you ask, it helps us help you.


First of all, read this and this.

Second, like Anon already said, we are white hat community and questions like this are NOT welcome here!

Third, it's not that easy that you can just explain it in a comment. Every hack of this scale takes YEARS of research and planning!

Fourth, judging by your way of "intelligently" asking questions on here, don't even consider scanning a bank website/server. You may dream of free stuff, but if you stay on this course without learning first, the only free thing you'll get is a ride to jail.

Have a nice day.


Im black >:)

non of your references are from OTW. so I wouldn't even consider some junk teaching me what to post.

First of all, one of the posts I refferenced was posted by the creator Ghost, who, just like me, is recognised by OTW as a fellow, which are kind of the moderators of Null Byte. Have a look here.

Second, OTW isn't the only creator rolling out articles here. I don't know how many creators are here exactly, but I can ensure you, there are a lot. And all of them are more honourable than you.

Third, have some respect for the people above you (that includes me, OTW, Ghost, and pretty much the entire Null-Byte community), because your post has proven that you have no reason to play bossy over us.



Sorry you feel that way, But I have no intention in disrespecting anyone! okay.
play bossy ? what??
STOP DELETING MY COMMENTS, Let the readers be the judge of who is right and wrong.

you deleted my comments and edited yours. this is the way you respond to newbies so you can prove what.. you never wrong??

#I need my comments back! while you're at it,Let me know how many Kilos of respect I owe you.

Thanks anyway!

Just like you have the right to downvote my comments, I too have the right to downvote yours if I don't like them.

Don't get us wrong though, we'd love to help you, but posting questions like this is simply asking for trouble, as Ghost already said.

Oh, and I don't have the power to delete comments. All I can do is downvote them. Just like you and everybody else. So before blaming someone of something, do your research first.


I would recommend you two stop arguing; it's pointless and will get you nowhere.

We all show each other respect here, that's a fundamental principle of Null Byte. I feel that's more what Phoenix was getting at with the whole respect angle.

Again, I would recommend you stop arguing. If you don't want to stop, at least take it to private messages.




Check the bottom of the comments section, this is where those "deleted" comments are going. They're just being hidden.


I am a black cat, but that doesn't mean I can't be white, but when I take a bath, Im actually a little bit grey.

-BlackCat 2015-2015 RIP

That's okay, I have no need for your respect, your praise, or anything else you could possibly 'offer' for that matter.

I only post articles here to help the community grow as a whole. If you don't think my best interests are to help the site become and remain a well respected, accurate, and safe place to learn, then by all means; please bring it up with OTW.


At least you could restrain yourself from posting more junk?

Let's see...Even if I agree that we all post junk, that Null Byte is actually a site that'd allow such questions, and that you wrote an excellent question, would you help yourself if you were us? Considering just what you're saying in comments. Not that any of the scenarios is remotely true.

Oh, and if you actually want it to be from OTW, he himself said that the post made by ghost was great.

-The Joker

Find a computer on the inside network that's connected to an external network and find a way to exploit it.

Although I doubt you even understand what "hacking" is.

There are countless ways to do a hack of this scale. Though it usually involves hacking a vulnerable machine that is connected to the internal network, like you said. (mostly though social engineering, because these vulnerable machines are rarely not protected by a firewall (the firewall thing brings us to the point where we can only use reversed payloads on a specific port (I could go on, but I don't have the time. This proves that hacking a bank is not that easy.)))


I read about it in detail from one of Kevin Mitnick's books lol. I think he said it took the person 6 months or such.

Someone will need a good understanding of social engineering, passive reconnaissance, and overall hiding themselves in case they are detected.

again mate, you're right

So are you. I was just trying to add some more infos.


Just like you would go about hacking any other network/OS/website/webapp

Taking advantage of weak web applications being utilized by the bank would be the most feasible way to go about it. Social engineering against a bank employee and obtaining their password somehow would only grant you with minimal privileges to the system.

The first think you have to learn is to ask the right questions properly.

Just like anything else; hacking a bank requires reconnaissance.

There is no "one method to hack everything" as you may be led to believe by Hollywood hacking; furthermore, I do believe that of any type of establishment in the world, banks will be among the most well protected with very highly skilled security engineers working day and night to protect assets. So again, reconnaissance is required.

Please know, it's fine to learn how to perform various attacks; but we don't use this knowledge maliciously. Please respect that.


Black cat youre not even an hacker

Can i ask you something and please dont get me wrong the hackers here like you pgoenix and not offending any of you im a fan of you .but you as a hacker have you the knowdledge that takes to hack a bank im just asking im not saying that you are black hat or something.again dont get me wrong.

In my case, it would depend on how well the employees are trained and how well their servers are secured. It's impossible to say for certain if you "have what it takes" to hack a high-profile target. It depends on much more factors than knowledge alone.


It doesn't depend on more factors. Knowledge it is. I guess you wanted to say that it has no ultimate method, as of yet.

An important enough hack is discovered every 30 years or so that could hack a bank. But of course, if we have it, and want to use it (else we'd just report it and be awarded, plus the perks that come with it), there is absolutely no reason to share it. That's rather detrimental.

-The Joker

Every 30 years or so?? It's more like every 30 days or so.

And the fun part is that it usually doesn't involve server-side exploits anymore.


I mean a fatal vulnerability that doesn't depend on any more factors than exploiting it, ie., a type of vulnerability asked here.

But of course, that's just a guess. I might be wrong, but I doubt the frequency to be less than 5-10 years.

-The Joker

Happy New Year folks!!

I laughed a lot with some of the comments here. Multiple kudos to people like Anon and Phoenix to have the patience to actually reply. Its hard to do so, but I believe that everyone deserves a reply

If you ask vague questions you're doomed to find vague answers. Try to see Null Byte as a regular school. You don't storm into Biology 101 and ask "Guyzzz how do I clone my dog?". I also suggest you mind your attitude towards your peers that will probably be wiser since they are here longer.

"so I wouldn't even consider some junk teaching me what to post." => This has to be the rudest thing I have seen on Null byte since i joined.

honestly, this is stupid.

I agree. This is a good example of a post that should just be ignored.

if u hacked the bank ...but when you transfer money your account so that time ...its your namely account dont think about that

We could rather have a question asking "How do I become immortal and omnipotent?", and that'd still be better.

-The Joker (Reminds me, I'm immortal)

That's the ultimate question after all is said and done. The question would not have been posed if she was immortal. Time is the answer.

the furthest i ever got hacking aything was a port 20 error, which is like you arent supposed to be here... why dont you have a username or password...

let's assume, i have hacked a bank somehow, where should i transfer the money?
is it safe to transfer to my own account?

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