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Hi, is there a way to brute force facebook or gmail (or a no lock out login) for example, using the power of gpus, not only by the cpu, just like offline brute forcing ?

Thanks in advance.

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Even though cracking is an ideal way of accomplishing your mission, I would not prefer that approach when it comes to specifically gmal n facebook because they got so much money in which they most definitely are investing in preventing an individual i.e you to crack their systems.

I would choose a different way going about this, however depending on your skill towards cracking it surely can be done, however without the proper tools to this, Facebooks & Googles security systems and what not will prevent you from getting far.

You are totally right, but I'm confused how those hackers who post lots of fb or mail accounts in pastebin! I don't think they hacked every account by phishing, keylogging, social engineering!

however he could have also hacked into a server or database holding all that information and taking it out in one single hack, saving him a lot of time.

Thanks! I thought it would be impossible or at least, very near to impossible to hack Facebook's servers!

I would have to agree with phoenix. Most likely he would, with some help possibly.

TYPOGUY, can you please check my last reply on phoenix's one (about pc building) and give me your opinion please ? Thanks in advance!

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