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Hi, is there a way to brute force facebook or gmail (or a no lock out login) for example, using the power of gpus, not only by the cpu, just like offline brute forcing ?

Thanks in advance.

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The speed of online cracking doesn't get affected greatly by CPU/GPU's. Most of the time, it depends on the bandwidth of your switches/hub/router/modem.

You can have an entire GPU cluster brute force a no-lock out login, but if your internet speed isn't going to go above 10Mbps, you ain't going to get more requests through.

As for gmail/Facebook, you'll need to bypass their lock-out system first.


Thanks! You opened a new door for me, to check my bandwith limits!

are there really working ways that are available to learn on google to bypass the lock out ? Or do i need to disover my own ways ?

btw, as i decided to use kali in a vm, i need to make the gpus pass through the vm layout, so i need VT-d enabled on hardware and software (to get full gpu cracking power), vmware workstation doesn't offer it, only ESXI, hyber V, Xen offer it, which if i use them, i won't be able to use the host machine, and that is purely like installing kali is main os, and thats not what i want (if missed something or didn't understand well, correct me please) :(

so it seems i will have to use all the crack tools (cain and abel, oclhashcat, john the.....and i don't know if the others have a windows version :( ) under windows ! I wanted to make kali my hacking dist., but it will be a win-kali dist. :(

Switching proxies after a certain amount of attempts is a common way of avoiding lock-outs, but I'm not certain if this will work on big boys like Google and Facebook.

I recommend to install Kali either on your hard drive and dual boot it with windows, or use an USB with live persistence.



Would NoScript, VPN, IPtables, and, Snort prevent malware from damaging my system/kali ? and prevent most hackers from hacking it ? If the answer is yes, then I will definitely use kali in dual boot, and I will use it even as my everyday OS!

It will add an extra layer of protection, but there is no way to be 100% safe from prying eyes.


Would a windows 10 with bitdefender, malwarebytes Anti-exploit, malwarebytes anti-malware, and NoScript be safer than it ? I mean, will it be easier to hack that kali (with firewal...) than this windows ?

Also, I know that use parrot 99% of the time, what do you use to protect yourself from malware and hackers ?

I use common sense to protect myself. So far it has been very effective.


Btw Phoenix, I can't find the hd 7990 anywhere new! Are you planning on buying it used ? Also, people say that it's bad for PCs, its good only for servers, because of overheating!

I'm planning for a 980 ti or 2 of it, it indicates excellent benchmarks, the second best oclhashcat gpu, the titan x is first? but it's waay more expensive with not much better performance!

I have another plan, building this pc: , and starting my path, till I reach an advanced level, and finish my bachelor, and get a job (3-4 years), and then I will build a high end cluster with lots of cores, ram, and 8 best gpus, to host my own malicious sites, and crack hashes super fast (my life is centered arnound hacking, I prefer spending money on this instead of a a car, or a house)! What's your opinion, friend ?

I dont know much about Hardware other than the basics. Phoenix is the best guy to ask for this specific topic.

That looks like a good build.


Even though cracking is an ideal way of accomplishing your mission, I would not prefer that approach when it comes to specifically gmal n facebook because they got so much money in which they most definitely are investing in preventing an individual i.e you to crack their systems.

I would choose a different way going about this, however depending on your skill towards cracking it surely can be done, however without the proper tools to this, Facebooks & Googles security systems and what not will prevent you from getting far.

You are totally right, but I'm confused how those hackers who post lots of fb or mail accounts in pastebin! I don't think they hacked every account by phishing, keylogging, social engineering!

however he could have also hacked into a server or database holding all that information and taking it out in one single hack, saving him a lot of time.

Thanks! I thought it would be impossible or at least, very near to impossible to hack Facebook's servers!

I would have to agree with phoenix. Most likely he would, with some help possibly.

TYPOGUY, can you please check my last reply on phoenix's one (about pc building) and give me your opinion please ? Thanks in advance!

Rest assured that they did.


Do you mean this tool/way: "Java DSL for easy testing of REST services" ? or do you mean its general english meaning ? lol!

Sorry for my bad English!

The general English meaning. I'd write in caps if I was referring to that.


Lesson learned. Thanks.

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