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Hey Everyone! I have been taking stock in our community, trying to see what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong. I have big plans for us here. I envision Null Byte as a resource for security pros one day. I want to see proof-of-concepts come out of our forums. I want to see white paper advisories being created in our IRC channel. So I ask everyone this, I ask for your ideas.

What is working? What needs fixing? What would you like to see here? I am almost always around to chat with, both on IRC (inspire), the forums, or direct message. Did you not like an article I wrote? Please tell me!

Together we can keep up the momentum Alex created, and I am all ears for ideas!

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Heard the IRC channel was moving back to freenode, but that links to the darchoods server with.. #nullbyte as the channel name?

Just to clarify Allen, what is the correct server and channel name?

I was not sure why the channel was ever moving there, nor have I been able to contact the old owner of that channel. I was going to just move it over to #nullbyte but decided to keep it where it is and work on the I2P #nullbyte channel as it is more secure.

Right now I changed the link to point back to Darchoods but pending next weeks Community Byte, I am going to focus on the I2P side for how-tos and discussions. #Nullbytez will stay a channel I am sure, it will just have no connection to here.

Ah, so it is only in I2P for now?

If that is the case would you mind doing a mac specific tut, I looked at I2P a while ago and quickly ran into trouble and I don't have a lot of time to figure it out atm, but I'ld like to get back on IRC soon. 

I can also try to do some recon about the current #nullbytez channel on darchoods if you'ld like.

That would be great. NB on DH is already established and I like the people who idle there. I was just curious who owned it in the event we need to use it for something. I was not able to get that worked out so I was just going to move on. I would rather not ya know.

I do not have great mac exp so I can not first hand help you, though I found a few tuts. If you are still have snags I can ask some of the devs and get a better answer I am sure.

Not sure who owns the channel, or who owns the server? Just for clarification.

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