Forum Thread: How to Open Port in PPTP VPN or in Ubuntu.

Hello All,

I have been struggling to get all the port open on my external IP. I tried, no-ip, port forwarding in router, third party vpn to open ports on my external IP. All failed for some reasons. So finally, I created AWS account to create my VPN server. I Launched Ubuntu Linux, configured PPTP vpn in it and now I'm able to connect to VPN(which I just created) to my laptop which is running Kali linux.

NOTE: 1. AWS instance is Ubuntu 2. My laptop is Kali .

but the problem is:

I tried to check port status in Firstly, I connected to ubuntu instance, then listened the port from my Ubuntu instance using "nc -lvp4444" and checked the port it showed as Open. but when I do the same in Kali linux in which the VPN is connected, it is showing as Closed.

The tutorial I used to configure PPTP in Ubuntu is An( help is much appreciated.

Sorry for bad english, please tell me if you don't understand the scenario.

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I got the same problem with my router and whole port forwarding stuff. Sites for checking ports are showing that my port is closed, which is not true because i can use Metasploit over wan. I believe best way to check that is to try Metasploit over wan. If it works, it means your port is open, if not, it is closed. In that case, check router settings, routers know to be the problem sometimes. Cheers !

Hye bro how are you ?? I need your help u got success in port forwarding

Hye suresh how are you ,??

Suresh i hve the same problen my isp blocked ports for incommung connection.when i run vpn on windows host .it only hides host ip .but i m using kali on vbox .i want to tunnel my vpn from host to guest but i think it is not possible .i think u also had the same issue to moved to aws instance.can u tell me ?is it possibl if we use aws instance .how can we utilize it for wan attacks if our isp has filteted port 80 for incoming connection .what will be the scenerio if we use aws.

Best regards

Surest have a look on my post i posted on detail .chk my profile

Bro, Gator. I'm still unsuccessful all the method. I started to use AWS EC2 to create my own vpn server, I used this tutorial ( but still having problem in opening a port. the port are in server, but when i connect the vpn in my client(kali) the port are closed. I'm still struggle with it. I will keep you posted if figure out the solution.

Thnx suresh to reply me .i will be vry thnkfull if u get success in port opning and guide me

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