Forum Thread: Operating System Differences? (Pros and Cons) (Help)

Okay, so to start off with, I was browsing through the world, and came upon this post and so that got me wondering, so I continue to scroll down through the comments, and I see the comment "Looks like knock off Kali to me. If I went this route I would use C.I.A Kali." by cyberhitchhiker which sparked my interest. I then began "researching" (google C.I.A kali) for this strange operating system and found the github page.

Now, I would like to know, what are the differences in each.

The difference between Kali, C.I.A Kali, and Cyborg Hawk. If nobody has tried them all out, then I will be glad to open up some VMs and take a peek. (it will take awhile though because I'd have to download two whole OSs and my internet speed is absolutely pitiful.

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Personally I have only experienced Kali and Cyborg Hawk from that list (Which I enjoyed thoroughly at the time). I have CIA downloaded however due to a lack of blank disks and finding something more preferable I cant say i've had the pleasure.

It needs to be understood that all an operating system could essentially be viewed as a personal preference (At a consumer level). Microsoft and Apple design their operating systems to their liking, as theyre proprietary software. With open source, anyone can view and modify the code as they choose, so each "flavour" of a new OS released such as Cyborg, Kali and CIA are essentially just the developers personal preference.

Some will be more aesthetically pleasing (such as Cyborg, Parrot OS and BHSDebian), which naturally will induce more stress to the CPU. So if the developer doesn't need this, which for ad-hoc and on the fly testing I would personally prefer not to opt for as any additional resources used making the desktop look fancy could be spent elsewhere, but for home use and practice, I am a fan of the aesthetics, i'm a visual person.

Additionally various scripts or "tools" will be added or removed depending on what is needed, if you compare the tools in Backtrack or Kali to say; Parrot or Cyborg Hawk (and I recommend that you do), you will see the various implementations to the OS. You will see that most of these tools are just fusions of each other to attempt to make our job a little easier.

That is why there are operating systems specifically designed for forensics or web pen testing etcetera. The lighter the distribution, the less can go wrong in the field. So we create variations to suit what we require at the time. Or at least this is my understanding.


Okay, I understand, however, I would like to ask the question, why do you not thoroughly enjoy Cyborg Hawk (or Kali, depending on which you were referring to ) any more? The reason I ask this is because you stated: "Personally I have only experienced Kali and Cyborg Hawk from that list (Which I enjoyed thoroughly at the time).". Is there a different OS that you prefer?

Also, as for the blank disc problem, I'd give you around 10-20 of them if I knew you IRL, as I have stacks of hundred lmao. (they were on-sale for $20 a stack)

I enjoy both of those, but with only currently one system to install on until further notice I prefer Parrot, found here:

i'm a visual person and it's beautifully developed. It has gotten me into Conky a little too, which makes for a nice side project.

However they had some problems recently, which still to my knowledge is a bit in the air, so if anyone has any sources referencing information regarding if the change of server and if the custom repositories are considered "safe" or not, I would gladly appreciate it.


I think the better question is "Which OS is more secure while provides the necessary functions?"

Good writing.

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