Forum Thread: Opinions on Hacknet? (Spoilers)

So, i recently finished Hacknet and i must say i was positively surprised. Making Linux Hacking non-repetitive in a game is not an easy task but the creators managed it through really interesting missions, a lot of details and stuff to discover and a storyline that just makes you wanna play this game till the end. However i must admit there were some missions i had to use the good ol task manager for, aka the IPS rerouting one. Have you anything that stood out to you or perhaps just want to rant about the fact, that the most advanced OS is run on a 700 MB RAM comp?

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I haven't finished the game yet (busy with football, work, and getting ready for school), but to me, it's easy, yet quite fun. A balance of the two. I'm sure that the difficulty will increase as I progress in the game, but for right now, I find it really easy. Also, I'd like to rant that not all linux/unix commands are available for use in the game. I.E. the "touch" command. I tried to do "touch imhere.txt" in a test server to get a mission (the one where one of the files says to leave a text file and they'll get back to you) But it didn't quite work. Also, the less command doesn't work properly. You don't press q to exit reading the document. the command "cd" doesn't work properly either. by typing into the terminal "cd" it should take you back to the root directory. Instead, it just throws an error message.

The game definitely gets more difficult my impressions at first were the same but later you have to do a lot of Reconnaisance and reading inbetween the lines to make predictions. The cd command indeed is shit and it sucks that you cant even decompress zip archives, in the end you can clearly feel the game was meant to be played over the GUI.

I like this game,
I play for days nothing else and i can only recommandet it.
Its not very realistic but the UNIX commands and the education server
in the game are good to learn Linux and Security Basics.
Did someone played the Pointclicker game to end? Haha

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