Forum Thread: OSI Walkthrough (What's OSI?)

Ok mates, I am doing an audio livestream Q&A on the OSI Model (with pictures!) for my friends college study group. Nothing too fancy, but a good walkthrough for anyone who is reading this and had to google 'OSI' just now.

I am posting this here to see if there is any interest in checking it out. I would need to make a few adjustments for the extra people, but I think it would be well worth it.

Date: TBD, shooting for next month

(Protip: If you do not know what the OSI Model is, you are highly encouraged to watch!)

Questions? Ideas?

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3 Responses

Sounds awesome, the OSI model is essential to what the people want to learn ^_^.

Yeah, everyone want's to loot and burn, pillage and plunder for the lulz. Can't say that I blame them but knowing these critical fundamentals is like learning how to stand on a skateboard BEFORE you try to grind that rail. Save yourself the busted lip.

Word. Couldn't have said it better.

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