Forum Thread: .Ost File Corrupted / Solved the Issue with Some Posts Already Said, but .Ost File Is Corrupted Again Later

Hi all,

one of our users is getting the error when outlook is opened that the .ost file is corrupted. Curiously not always happens when the outlook is opened but it happens a lot of times. We have tried to remove/rename the ost file with the purpose of recreating it again as we need that this user works in cache mode. After doing that the ost file was re-created and everything seemed fine. However the issue come back again appearing exactly the same message.

I could read in one post that after renaming the existing one, it would be interesting in doing a chksdk /r just in case of bad sector. Later recreate again the ost file.

Do you know or would you know something more which we would need to keep in mind or taking care of it?


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With all due respect and my will to help you, but the description on the world home says the hacker playground. We are here to discuss and learn hacking techniques, not really aid in every single it problem. If people here are hackers it doesn't mean they know everything about every software. So please keep that in mind next time.

For your question: Try going to control panel-Mail and deleting the offline exchange cache , then restart outlook and a new ost will be created

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