Forum Thread: Other Ways of Compromising a System

Is there any other ways of compromising not a system apart from using metasploits exploits and she'll code ??
I'm a c++ programmer and I'm creating viruses and hopefully one day a worm
To plant them I need to compromise a system implant the virus

I can't use metasploits as I have minor problems and mite use it later also quick noob question once a virus is implanted do we need to be excuted ?

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The target should execute the virus.
And, whats your problem with the msf ?

I wonder the same, but apparently not.


You probably got downvoted by somebody that doesn't care about answering questions, don't get demotivated.

Your question here is very generic: you are basically asking to compromise a system without compromising it. In order to run arbitrary code on the target, you must get in contact with it! What to use is up to you: exploiting a service remotely, injecting traffic, hijacking secure connections, redirecting requests...

Make sure you understand the meaning of words: shellcode is a code that is deployed trough an exploit, and it's not random, it depends on the architecture. Of course there are countless ways to inject arbitrary code (most of these techniques obviously fall in the "exoloits" category), as many as a hacker can come up with. If you can't develop an exploit (that's not easy, you don't just go and build vulnerabilities, an audit can take forever if you are not looking into the right direction, and you must have the correct lens to look at it), try to find a way to compromise the system with disclosed techniques. Always stay up to date with the latest patches, and most importang of all, arrange your capabilities to get the best result and never stop learning. Viruses and worms are not the only shining light, and there's more, brighter.

If there's no way to do something, you might be the first one to find it: this is security.

Thanks I kinda understand
Also thanks cluffy kitten for the advice about the down vote I though I said something bad in my question

So to simplify what Ciuffy said, there are too many possible tactics to count...

Worms? Worms are pretty simple. Upload a virus to the web, tweet the link 50+ times, people retweet... blah blah blah. Voila. Profit. Ta da. Coolios.

But yeah, you did ask a pretty odd question. Basically "how to exploit a system without exploiting it" is what the downvoter probably saw.

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