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I was reading through the posts and in one of your comments you said you were going to make a "How To:" on obtaining the IP address from Gmail headers. Did you make that yet? I searched but don't see it.

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as far i know there is no technical way to get the ip-address of someone sending an email via the gmail web interface. Google does not put it into the email headers. And there is no API to query gmail for it.

Gmail simply never reveals sender IP as per its policy the IP addresses in the headers that you'll see are not related to the client who sent them if that is what you are thinking. The IP addresses that appear when analyzing the headers are of the mail gateways/servers that are involved between the sender and the receiver.

obs:"Usually Gmail shows the IP if it's not sent using Gmail (since it wasn't using Google, it wouldn't have a Google IP), but would instead show the IP of the actual sender.."obs by Cracker|Hacker

If you want IP address for valid reasons, you have to fight for it in court


Valid reasons?

if you got hacked or spammed by an email and affected your business you can open a criminal process and ask google to give you the senders ip, but you need the law to help you do it, and i dont think you want to spend time and money in court unless it involves money or something that affects you very bad..

I was being sarcastic. Anyways. OTW said he new how to get the user Aip from a gmail header. So this ppat was was him and the rest of us wanting him to post a how too.

You couldn't officially through google but if you give them a link that goes to your site then you could grab it. There may be a way to have the email 'call back' to you. I don't know though.

Otw. Are you out there sir?

Did you find a way to get the victim ip through gmail header?

What about yahoo? Can you get the ip through yahoo email header?

Nealy all of the web based email companies have removed the originating IP from the email header, but there are other ways.

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