Forum Thread: OTW, 1) I Am New and I Really Need Help I Am Unable to Bypass UAC on win7 and 8 and When Ever I Try to Run Persistence

2) Is There a Payload That Can Access Windows 7 or 8 Without the Victim Clicking on Any Malicious Program We Send or Just Getting Direct Access to the Victim's Computer Just with RHOST and RPORT ???

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Well for your UAC problem I know 2 different exploits that could be used to bypass the uac. The first one respectfully called exploit/windows/local/bypassuac (in the Metasploit Console of course) can be used to bypass the UAC on both Windows 7 and 8. The second one is called exploit/windows/local/ask (also Metasploit) which brings up a menu for the victim to click OK on, but with this exploit the option that works best is the use TECHNIQUE PSH which is less likely to be caught by an antivirus. Bypassing UAC is also one of many known and unknown ways that will allow you to get system on Windows 7 and up.

Hope this helps

A payload is a piece of code with the function of connecting you to a target ip (right?). Actually, OTW has a pretty neat tutorial explaining this and other concepts (here. So, a payload alone can't access anything (i think). As for bypassing uac, TheVillain explained it quite well i think!

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