Forum Thread: Own VPN Server

Hello guys,

Is it advantageous to buy cloud computing services and run there a VPN or proxy, running services like OpenVPN or even python home made server's.

Are cloud connections fast?

I'm think in this because home made food is always better then restaurant food right? In terms of healthy.

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3 Responses

Well basically its more "stealthy" because the police or whatever wont be able to get any logs But make sure that you dont buy it using your real identity

If you want anonimity, you must be ready to sacrifice speed.
It is good, but not sure if it is better. Sure it would be worth trying.
You are never really safe in these sutuations, especially if you own the machine running the proxy in this case.

I have low speeds even without proxys or vpn, cant upgrade interned because the provider cant give more even if i wanted to, the cable from IPS central to my house its not sufficient powerful.

So in my case speed is a problem.

Inefficient vpn or proxy to me equals no internet navigation

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