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Someone in India Built my website. I Need Errors on It Fixed/Edited. The Person in India Will Not Respond to My Email Requests to Fix the Issues. Is There a Way to Get the Information on Website So That I Can Pay Someone Else to Fix These Issues and Reclaim My Website That Is Being Held Hostage? Thanks.

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its hard to help you when we do not know what type of issues you are experiencing. Out from what you provided us, the best thing I can tell you is to call someone whose familiar with websites, and or the errors you are experiencing. If your 'indian' guy has a boss, call him and demand assistance, (considering you paid this guy)

@TYPOGUY the main problem here is that the guy she hired to develop her site, didn't gave her some backoffice access (like in wordpress or drupal...) or even the provider settings (account settings on the hosting service)

@helene carrington You hired a random guy or did it trough a company or so? How did you find it?


Can you provide any details of the errors you're getting? Copy and paste what you can and let us have a look.

If I can help I'll be more than happy to.

Show us some details and which language that part is written with if you can...
Anything that you post can be helpful.

Let's see... the server on which website is hosted and the domain registry, do you have access of your website on them? If not, there are some problems.

I, personally, would NEVER say that the task of someone making my website is finished until I have all the necessary passwords.

However, if he is ignoring you and has not given you account details, and if they aren't something default, then your sole option is to extract the information from him, or if the things are registered on your name, find the host and ask the information from them.

Yes, I know, that it is a boring and tedious thing to do, but these are all the options you have, except hacking into the host and registrar, which would be purely illegal (and not easy, if I may add).

-The Joker

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